M.S. Dhoni: The film good but the man better


      Mahendra Singh Dhoni: the name that reverberates throughout M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story trying to fill the empty spaces, the lack of innovation, attempting to cover up the stereotypical movie-making and to shift the audiences’ focus on his glory rather than the film’s achievement. The film stretches Dhoni’s love-life a bit; otherwise it is entertaining for most of the part.

     One of the most challenging aspects for making this movie or any biopic on a living legend is that most of the person’s life is known to the average movie-goers. So the story, which is probably the most important portion of commercial cinema, is basically known to almost everyone in the theater. The director and the screenplay writer has to keep this fact in mind before setting the plot in order to offer something different to the audience. Neeraj Pandey and Nandu Kamte do a decent job in presenting some thrills in the three hour long film plot, whose events are known to almost everyone. He provides some (actually a lot of) comic scenes, which are more entertaining than the average Bollywood comedy films.

     The film starts at a high point, moments before Dhoni’s unpredictable yet fruitful decision of going to bat higher up the order in the 2011 Cricket World Cup final. His life before unfolds in a long flashback after he goes to bat his match winning innings. The plot follows Mahi from his childhood to the peak of his carrier while mostly focusing on his life before being a national player and his romantic escapades to marriage; justifying somewhat “the untold story” in the title. The child actors portraying the titular character and others are somewhat weak compared to their adult counterparts, a natural thing but it is pierces the eye. The film may be short on some parts but not on details; every minute detail is well researched and shown; only the white sports gear of the kids, the adolescents, and even the umpires are always spotless, a rare view in reality in any cricket field.


      The cast is great one mostly from Rajesh Sharma to Piyush Mishra everyone is brilliant in their roles. But Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni, the Indian captain, with his mannerisms, charisma is Dhoni only. He nailed with his brilliant ability to portray the enigmatic inner-personality of the Captain Cool. His acting brilliance is accompanied by real footages of matches where Sushant’s face is in place of Mahi’s.

      The film is entertaining; somewhat slow at times, but it is difficult to achieve in film what the man has done in the cricket field.

Film Score: 66

Director:           Neeraj Pandey

Screenplay:         Neeraj Pandey, Nandu Kamte

Cinematography:     Sudhir Palsane

Music:              Sanjoy Chowdhury

Cast:               Sushant Singh Rajput, Rajesh Sharma, Kiara Advani.

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  1. So good that can’t explain by any word.


    1. Samya says:

      Thanks. I simply tried to express my comparative feelings between the reel and real.

      Liked by 1 person

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