Teaser Of the Neo Bengali Cinema’s Masterpiece

20 crores ? wastage of a helicopter or drone.. Black Panther or some technical glitch…  a plump cotton wool sack who almost has the appearance of a man… all running… running… man jumps… water of river .. drenched.. dream… Sir Conan Doyle turning in his grave with itch in his arse.. rural Bengali household.. extravaganza of new costumes… sexy lady to compensate for the item song… Italian = Bengali… inserts of animals.. father daughter relationship… opera.. El Dorado !!!!   Hijo de Puta!!

  (pleated costume + plump +rotten accent + overconfidence + terrible expressions)SVF = Shankar

Author’s Note: I request any reader who understands this above collection of words in unison to go and watch Amazon Obhijaan. It is almost in any theatre near you (power of a Member of Parliament and the mighty SVF). It is made with a budget of 1_________ (kindly fill as many zeros as you want) *. And kindly inform me about your experience.

  • Rupee sign is not given as it may be Euro or US Dollars.

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